About Us

The Asian Philosophical Association (AsianPA) is formed informally in 2004 by scholars from Korea, Japan and Turkey in order to promote the exchange of ideas among scholars coming from various disciplines, to encourage study of cultures, societies and scholarly activity among Asian philosophers. At the moment it is not an official association but only a group of scholars in social sciences got together for scientific, educational and cultural purposes. Hence we use the name "Asian Philosophical Association (AsianPA)" as a name for this group and for those who are interested in joining us. It is also the purpose of the AsianPA to serve by means of these educational, scientific and cultural activities for peace. As such it is exclusively a non-profit organization which organizes the following activities in order to serve for its purposes:

  1. The holding of regular meetings at which addresses, symposia, papers, and discussions of philosophical significance are presented;
  2. The publication of the Proceedings and Addresses, the presidential addresses, and the membership list of the AsianPA, as well as such additional items as may serve the purpose of us;
  3. AsianPA also publishes a biannual journal, which may be increased to a quarterly;
  4. Any other activity that may serve the purpose of AsianPA suggested by any member or officer of the board.